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We never know what may happen tomorrow:

Even though you are happy with your current job, you better keep your eyes open all the time since “we never know what may happen tomorrow.” Being in touch does not have any monetary cost instead of proactive security and solutions to your unexpected career problems (i.e. losing a job for any unexpected incident). As a business professional, you better take enough proactive initiatives to solve any type of problem that may face. In case you are in trouble (i.e. you lost the job due to your company`s bankruptcy etc.), you will be in advance finding your next job thorough your “Keep in Touch” network or other means.

If you are open to exploring the current or future job market for your further career development or would like to have a casual talk for 5-10 mints, our professional consultants will be very happy arranging a casual discussion with you over Digital Conference or Face to Face at your convenience including after office hour or during the weekend.

Please be noted that we do not charge any Consulting Fee from any Talents (Candidates). Our clients (Hiring Companies) pay us for the successful closing of an open position.

If you are actively searching for next career move or have not planned yet; however, would like to discuss your next career plan with our consultants, please contact us.

Agency Selection

For your future career move, you may need the support of a third party such as a Recruitment Agency, finding the next job opportunity. In order to choose the right Recruitment Consultant, you better be careful.

A veteran and a professional consultant will guide you for your next career growth. They will care about your personality, long term career growth, and your family, etc.

If you have a family, it may be difficult for you to take a high risk (i.e. joining Startup Company or high employee Turnover Company). Considering your family, you may minimize the risk of joining a stable and low employee turnover company. You may not get high compensation; however, you will be able to lower the risk of losing the job at any time due to the company`s financial crisis, mismatching of corporate culture, etc.

A professional recruitment consultant will try to provide you information about your future employer, corporate culture, hiring manager/future supervisor, business condition and etc.

If you somehow decide to join the wrong employer, you will either be ended up quit the job within a very short time or killing yourself with stress /depression. For your long term career growth, your better to be careful continuing a stable career (at least on average 4~5 years +) for each company. Changing jobs quite often (2-3 years on average), does not give a positive impression to your next employer. You may find a job; however, will be quite challenging to reach senior-level manager/executives.

A veteran recruiter will help you as a good career advisor. You better meet as many consultants as possible and try to pick up the right one who may trust to work with.

Send CV

For your future career plan, if you would like to consult with our career advisors over phone or Face to Face, please feel free to contact us. In order to make hold an interactive casual discussion, it will be appreciated if you could send your resume in advance or short summary of your background.

    Privacy Protection

    Black Pigeon is a Recruitment Agency licensed by the Ministry of Labour of Japan, and attended courses to have special training on handling confidential information. We are assuring that your personal and corporate information is strictly protected. To protect your privacy, neither we advertise any information in public nor in our homepage. We try our best to handle our Clients` and Talents` information with maximum care, in accordance with the data protection privacy policy of Japan. We do not share your information with third party without your consent.