About Our Services

We mainly focus on Executive Research and Head Hunt to develop our Talent Pool. Depending on each open position, we conduct market research, map out the potential Talents and approach them directly. This Talent Search is our everyday work. Our objective is to meet the best talents in the market and building long term relationships with them. If the Talent has interests in a specific brand or company, we approach those companies (if we have not worked with them yet) do reverse marketing (knocking potential clients if they are open to having a casual meeting with potential the talents are showing interest in their brand or company).

At the end of the day, company wants to hire the top-notch Talent and the top-notch Talent dreams to work for a prestigious employer. Our job is to bring them together to reach their destination.

Services based on Employment
Based on clients` requirements we work on:

  • Permanent Employment
  • Contract Permanent Employment
  • Temporary / Contract to Permanent

Type of Searches that we provide are

  • Contingency Search
  • Retained Search
  • Semi-Retained Search
  • ZERO Risk Coupon Search

HQ (Head Quarters) Staff Hiring

Our Executive Search for HQ Team fully responsible for Head Quarters side hiring
In terms of position, they are responsible for:
Mid-Career to CXO level positions
(Example: Assistant Manager, Manager, Senior Manager, Director, General Manager, VP, CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CMO, CCO, and CDO, etc.).

Field / Store Staff Hiring

In order to focus and maintain our quality of services, our Executive Search for Store/Field Staff hiring is separated from the HQ Search Team.
For the field /Store recruitment our professional consultants conduct Telephone-based Search (Head Hunting) from Staff level to Manager level positions.
(Example: Shop Staff, Sales Associate, Sales Specialists, Customer Services, Assistant Shop Manager, Shop Manager, etc.)

Slogan & Philosophy

Our slogan is “Leading to Your Destination”. This is the Tagline of our overall business activities; it reflects our business Philosophy: Facilitating to create a Win-Win Business Environment between our prestigious Clients and Talents, and supporting them until they reach their target destination. Seeing their career, business growth, and happiness makes us pleased and motivates us to work harder to ensure a high quality of services. Our ultimate objective is sharing “JOY & HAPPINESS” together. A message to our business partners:


Why Black Pigeon

1. Culture fit between Clients & Talents:
During the meeting with our Talents, we try our best to match the right “CULTURE FIT” between our Clients and Talents` requirements. We strongly believe that a good culture fit helps both parties (employees and employers) working together in the long run and grow together. Cultural mismatch ruins the employees` career growth and the company`s growth.

2. Proactive Talent Search:
Regardless of the open positions, we continuously Head Hunt the Topnotch Talents and build a long term relationship with them. We believe that the smartest Talents are NOT very active in the job market. They merely have time to think about a job change or registering themselves into public job sites. However, when there is an attractive career growth opportunity, they would love to grab and advance their career further. Talents do not need to search for us instead we search for them with lucrative career growth opportunity.

3. Research based Talent Search:
More than 90% of our Talents are from Research & Direct Approach (Head Hunt), and the remaining of 10% talents is from referrals and other sources.

4. Reliable & Trustworthy with Quality of Talents:
Our goal is to be ourselves with our quality of Talents & Services. Being honest, transparent, realistic and respecting the privacy of both Clients and Talents is one of our key objectives. In order to protect the privacy of both Talents and Clients, we do not advertise any confidential assignments in public including our homepage.

5. Team Work
The term “We” is the spirit of our company. Depending on our Clients’ and Talents’ requirements, our veteran consultants and Talent Search Team work together to make it happen within a minimum possible time-line. Our KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is introducing the least Talents per opening, saving time for Clients and Talents and, closing the open position successfully. We emphasize on the “Quality” instead of “Quantity”.

6. Professionalism
Our career consultants are professionals in their own expertise. They are trained to be consultative recruiters instead of being resume matching. We try our best to be “neutral” for both clients and talents and providing the best quality of services. Serving, our Clients & Talents, in the long run, is our key objects.

Privacy Protection

Black Pigeon is a Recruitment Agency licensed by the Ministry of Labour of Japan, and attended courses to have special training on handling confidential information. We are assuring that your personal and corporate information is strictly protected. To protect your privacy, neither we advertise any information in public nor in our homepage. We try our best to handle our Clients` and Talents` information with maximum care, in accordance with the data protection privacy policy of Japan. We do not share your information with third party without your consent.