Black Pigeon is a Research-based Executive Search, Recruitment and HR Consulting Firm. As a Career Advisor, we work as an intermediary between our prestigious Clients and Talents in order to introduce the Smartest Talents to our Clients, and the Unique & Thrilling Career opportunity to our Talents.

We strongly believe that:

Company`s Growth = (Smart Talent) x (Career Growth Opportunity)
The above equation means, Company should hires, nurtures Smart Talents, provide them with career growth`s road map, evaluating their performance and rewards based on individual performance. Those smart Talents will take the lead; grow the company in the long run.

Our Specialisations

By Industry

In terms of Industry Specialisations, our coverage industries are:

Apparel / Fashion / Luxury / Retail / Cosmetics / Sports

Apparel Fashion

FBCG (Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods)


Automobile / Manufacturing / Life Style


Health Care / Pharmaceutical


Entertainment / Media / Hospitality


ICT / Digital Technology / Internet / IT


Professional Services / Consulting / Finance / Insurance

Professional Service

By Function

In terms of Functional Specialisations, our coverage areas are:

  • Marketing / PR / Digital / EC / CRM
    (i.e. Professionals in Marketing / AD, MD, VMD, Public Relations, Digital / SNS Marketing, E-commerce, Customer Relationship Marketing, etc.)
  • Retail / Retail OP / Wholesale / Sales / SD / NWD
    (i.e. Retail / B2C Sale, Retail Operation, Wholesale, General Sales, Store Development -SD, Network / Dealer Development-NWD, etc.)
  • Creative / Design / Production
    (i.e. Art, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Store / Interior Design, Product Design, Creative & Production, Web Design, UX / UI Design, etc.)
  • IT / IoT / Ai / Digital Transformation / Engineering
    (i.e. General IT Support, Big Data, Internet of Things-IoT, Artificial Intelligence-Ai, Mobile / Digital Technology, Software / Application Engineers)
  • Business Operation (HR / Finance..)
    (i.e. Human Resources, General Administrations, Finance / FPA / Accounting, Business Operation, etc.)
  • Executive / CXO-level Positions
    (i.e. Director, General Manager, VP, CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CTO, CCO, CDO…. )

By Seniority

In terms of seniority we support the following type of positions.

Head Quarters(HQ) Positions

Managerial level / Mid-Career level Positions
For Example:
– Manager (People Management),
– Playing Manager,
– Project Manager,
– Team Leader, Supervisor

“CXO” / Director level Positions
For Example:
– Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
– Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
– Chief Communication Officer (CCO)
– Chief Creative Director (CCD/ECD)
– Chief Information Officer (CIO/CTO)
– Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
– Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
– Chief Operating Officer(COO),
– Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
– Vice President (VP)
– General Manager (GM)
– Director level, Department Head

Field/Shop Positions

Shop / Store / Field professionals
For Example:
– Shop Staff / Specialist
– Sales Associate
– Store Operation
– Assistant Shop Manager
– Shop Manager etc.

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Black Pigeon is a Recruitment Agency licensed by the Ministry of Labour of Japan, and attended courses to have special training on handling confidential information. We are assuring that your personal and corporate information is strictly protected. To protect your privacy, neither we advertise any information in public nor in our homepage. We try our best to handle our Clients` and Talents` information with maximum care, in accordance with the data protection privacy policy of Japan. We do not share your information with third party without your consent.