About Smart Talents  & Hiring

Talented employees are always a big asset for employers. In order to grow the company, there is no alternative except hiring smart talents or nurturing the existing potential leaders to lead the business. In reality, it’s very challenging, costly and time-consuming to train the specialists and promote to manager level to supervise a team/business. Instead, it’s much easier hiring a smart leader (Manager, Director, CXO level professionals) from external sources (who already has the required skill set, will have close culture fit.  i.e. Hiring someone from direct competitors).

Partner Agency Selection

If you already have reliable and trustworthy Executive Search (Head Hunting)/Recruitment Agencies; you may work with them closely and teach them more about your CORPORATE CULTURE and other necessary requirements that are not written in Job Description. Professional Recruiters will not ask you much about the Job Description instead of your cultural requirements.

As a hiring company, HR division/ management try to skim off the best talents from various sources such as Recruitment Agencies, Career Site, Direct hiring, Referrals, and others. Please be noted that most of the smart talents are super busy all the time and merely think about a change of job. They may think about their next career; however, they merely have time to sit down to register themselves in the job site. Usually, they do not search for a job or ask Recruiter for help finding their next job; instead, Recruiter has to search for them with lucrative career growth opportunities.  As a hiring company, if you can identify those specialized Agencies/Head Hunters then, you may not need to work with dozen of Agencies at once. You may shortlist a few and evaluate them based on the success rate (placement vs the number of talent introduction per open position). A good recruiter will always work on behalf of you and save your time with screening potential talents and sending you the selective resumes (maybe 1~3 resumes) who may get an offer.

A good recruiter will introduce good talent. Their KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is not evaluated based on the number of resumes they send to a client; instead of placement from least introduction of Talents (Usually 1 ~3 Talent introduction).

As a hiring company, you may give an opportunity to new Boutique Search Firm and check their performance (Quality of services, Quality of Talents, Speed, Responses, etc.)

At the end of the day, a hiring company would love to hire the best talent from the market; it does not matter which Agency (big, small, local, foreign-affiliated, etc.) makes a successful closing.

Proportional Growth Graph

We strongly believe that the Growth of a Company is directly proportional to the quality of Talents that the Company hires. The smarter the Employees are, the higher the possibility that the company will grow. Similarly, the higher the growth of a company is, the higher the possibility that the company will create Career Growth Opportunities for its employees. This is the Win-Win business environment that we try to create for our Clients and Talents.

The following Graph shows the company`s proportional growth based on “Smart Talent” vs Time (Year).

The above graph shows that, the more the company hires Talented employees, the more they contribute to growth over time. Smart Talent will be quite expensive; however, will reduce the risk of the company and will take responsibility on their shoulder to grow the company for their future career growth.

By employment type

1. Permanent Employment

2. Contract Employment

3. Temporary / Contract to Permanent

Search Category

1. Contingency Search:
Consulting Fee – Consulting Fee is charged based on the successful close of each assignment
Fee Rate is flat 30%~35% of the annual salary package (depending on requirements).

2. Retained Search:
An exclusive assignment consisted of market research, map out of the organisation, headhunting, meeting & screening potential talent based on clients’ requirements, presenting resumes to clients and sometimes participating in the interview process(if the clients ask for). Our dedicated Research and professional consultants will work on this project putting high priority. Time to time (usually once a week), our management will report and update
the search progress.
We recommend this search for highly confidential and important positions:
i.e. Manager, Director, GM, VP, CXO (CEO, CIO, CFO, COO, CMO, CCO… ) level positions

Consulting Fee: Consulting Fee consists of Daily Activity Expenses (i.e. Research, meeting expenses, Transportations and other daily operational costs to run the search) and a successful placement fee.

Fee Rate falls between 40% ~ 50% of the annual salary (depending on the requirements).

Non-refundable daily operational expenses are deducted from this total consulting fee.

3. Semi-Retained Search:
This is similar to contingency Search. Consulting Fee is charged based on the successful close of each assignment
Fee Rate is flat 30%~35% of the annual salary (depending on requirements).

For this type of Search, Clients want us to give some priority on the project and they cover some partial daily operational expenses of the search. The amount is settled with both party’s mutual agreement.

4. ZERO Risk Coupon Search:
It is similar to Contingency Search- Consulting Fee is charged based on the successful close of each assignment
Fee Rate is flat 30%~35% of Annual Salary
The only difference is, Clients, buy prepaid coupons from us in advance (Yearly renewable coupon). Service fee (i.e. Placement Fee, Research Fee upon client`s request, Making Job Descriptions, etc.) is deducted from the coupon.
If the coupon is not used at all, we return the entire amount without any charge.
Since it is a trust-based partnership, we try our best to put high priority and closing the position successfully.

This ZERO Risk Coupon is very popular before the Fiscal Year closing. Since Client does not have any risk, they usually buy and whenever then need support, they just use. It’s simply PAY AS YOU GO without having any risk.


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