Notice Board

Why Black Pigeon

  • Talent Hunter: We are specialized in our domain. Depending on our clients` requirements, we do a lot of homework, sit down with our Talent Search Team, plan & develop a talent hunting strategy; and then start following the designed plan to hunt the right talents to fit with our clients` requirements.
  • Niche in Searching: In-depth research is our niche. We have a research support team who fully dedicate their time in searching for top-notch talent. The talents that we generate are from direct approach (Talent Hunting) and referrals.
  • Team Work: The term “We” is the spirit of our company. Depending on our your needs, our veteran consultants get together for brainstorming and try to find the exact match within the minimum possible time.
  • Momentum (P=mV): We believe that time is money. In order to fulfil your needs, our veterans think individually but take action as a team, which gives us the momentum to work with quality talents. [Note: P= momentum, m=mass (kg), V= velocity (m/s)]. We mean, strong team work lead us to have more ideas and move faster to solve problems.
  • Pre-screening: Our professional consultants will NOT introduce you to random talents. We are conscious about your precious time. Therefore, we always try to concentrate on your exact need and introduce a very limited number of talents (Max 2-3 talents for one particular role) from which you would be able hire the right talent.
  • Reliable & Trustworthy: Our business philosophy is to establish a long term relationship with our clients and talents. Earning trust is one of the key ways to establish a long term relationship. Though it is not easy, it is not impossible. We always try our best to maintain our quality of services, remain original, honest, transparent and realistic. We hope these characteristics will help us to become reliable and trustworthy to our clients and talents.
  • Professionalism: Our career consultants are professional in their own expertise. They are trained to be consultative recruiters but not resume matching recruiters. Therefore, they know what they do and what measurements to be taken depending on our Clients’` and Talents` needs. You won`t know about them until you meet and start working with.