Notice Board


Global IT hardware manufacturer
Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo
Regional Manager

We have used Hoq’s services in the past for two specific hires. Hoq has always shown to be diligent, knowledgeable and fast in the way he works. Our organization would have no hesitation in using him again in the future and I look forward to meeting him on a regular basis to get the latest market information.
Through our positive experience I have no hesitation in recommending his company.

Global Entertainment Company
Head of Asia Pacific Region

I sometimes receive head hunt calls but never was convinced by anyone to meet in person. One day my Personal Secretary (PA) left a message along with a contact number on my desk, saying that Mr. Hoq called me up. I simply ignored as my feeling was, it must be a sales call.
I was in charge of Japan`s operation for several years. Our global HQ asked me to look after our APAC regional operation; in the same time asked me to find my successor for Japan`s operation. I was mentally in pressure with too many things that needed to be done simultaneously.
I contacted more than 25 Recruitment Agencies to help me to find my successor (Country Head). The role was open for more than 6 months. In 6 months, I received many resumes from many Agencies, and many of them sent me resumes without even meeting me in person. I was wondered, how come they introduced me senior level candidates without knowing our company and business. I thought it is normal recruitment procedures as it was my first time dealing with senior level assignment with recruitment Agencies. I went through pile of resumes and met many but was not happy with quality of candidates that the Agencies introduced to me.

Next day, right after the management meeting, my boss from HQ and I was discussing about our alternative plan for recruitment. It was late evening and everyone left except two of us. The office phone was rung and I picked up the call. A gentleman humbly introduced himself, asked for me. When he knew that it’s me, he humbly asked me if that was the right timing to talk for 10 seconds; I said, yes and kept my eyes on my watch as sales people ask for a minute but takes more than what the say. It was exactly10 seconds that Hoq introduced himself, pitched about his services; head hunted me for his client and invited me for a lunch meeting. I still remember, he took only 10 seconds, to deliver his message and convinced me on the spot and set up a lunch meeting.

I met him over lunch basically to check whether he can help us finding my successor or not. Hoq did not know that until met me. After having one hour chat with him, I felt that, it may be worth to ask him to help fulfilling our vacancy.
He visited our company, tried to learn details about the role, management and businesses. He promised me that, he will introduce me qualified candidate within one week. First week, he introduced me one, the candidate was not perfect match but was well qualified. We gave him some feedback. In the second week, he sent me another resume. We met and decided to proceed further. Finally, we closed the role through Hoq. Thank you Hoq for the big help. I simply tell you that, you are not a Resume Matching Recruiter but rather Consultative Recruiter. I enjoyed your fast pace services, consultation on various topics and positive attitude.

For employers and also candidates, I would simply said Hoq is someone whom you should keep in touch. You will not be able to know him and his services, unless you meet him in person. There are maybe more than several thousand recruiters in the market, may be very few that you trust and rely on them. From my experience, I think, Hoq is someone that you can trust without any hesitation.

German-based Industrial Automation Manufacturer
Managing director of Japanese subsidiary

Black Pigeon always provides us with highly qualified candidates which meet our requirements. Black Pigeon is our preferred partner in recruitment.
HOQ shows real interest in our business to understand what we are doing and to understand what kind of person we need and fit the best to our company.