Notice Board


Talent #1
Associate Marketing & Communication Director, APAC

I am an Associate Marketing & Communication Director, APAC at an international financial company. I joined this firm in November 2012, and just finished my probation period. As I have worked in this company for three months, I can tell you confidently that I made a right decision to move here with great support of Hoq of Black Pigeon. Hoq does not introduce random job opportunities to anyone. He thoroughly considers each individual’s career and determines if the opportunity truly fits to the person. He also provides long term perspective of how you could develop your career. Such a guideline helped me a great deal to make the final decision when I move to new workplace. I am happy what I’m doing now, and would like to stay here at least 5-6 years and even more. However, I would like to continue to have regular communications with Hoq as I feel them as my career advisor rather than just a recruiter. I would strongly recommend to get consultation with Black Pigeon if you are considering to have change on your career development.

Talent #2
Leading electronic products manufacturer
Product manager

Without Black Pigeon's support, I would not be where I am today.
Black Pigeon always encouraged me to have the confidence to improve my own career. Using their extensive experience, Black Pigeon was able to help me with my career, for which I am truly thankful.

Talent #3
Lead Engineer in the Game Industry

HOQ first contacted me with an excellent opportunity when I already had received another offer. He managed to arrange an interview with the company the next day. His advice on the company and the interviewers gave me an edge during the job interview and was able to get an offer quickly. After receiving the job offer HOQ helped me to get the best conditions possible whilst meeting my somewhat preposterous requests. It was a pleasure working with HOQ and I would definitely use his services again in the future when necessary.