Notice Board

Reward Policy

Reward JPY 120,000 for Each Referral!

Black Pigeon Inc. will pay you up to JPY 120,000 for EACH TALENT or JOB OPENING you refer for full-time or contract positions that ultimately lead to a successful placement! We call it Win-Win Referral Program (WRP).

Terms & Conditions

  • If you introduce us Talent or Job opening, turns to successful placement, you will be eligible to receive JPY120, 000, for each introduction of Permanent Placements.
  • If the successful introduction (Either Talent or Job opening) is a contract placement for less than a year, you will be eligible to receive JPY 80,000.
  • You will be eligible to receive introduction Fee for each successful Talent or Job Opening filled within 12 months of the referral from the day of first introduction to Black Pigeon.
  • Multiple different Talents and Job leads can give you an opportunity to earn multiple referral fees.
  • You will not be eligible to receive any introduction fee if the Talent or Job opening (Client Company) is already existed in our database system.
  • You can receive referral fee through Bank Transfer, Cash Boucher, or Gift Card (eg. VISA, MASTER, JCB etc.).
  • Referral fee will be paid once we receive payment from our client company. Our usual payment term is thirty days are counted from the first day of employment. Depending on clients, it may extend up 60 to days (Max.).

Who to Refer?

Black Pigeon mainly focus on Executive, C-level, Managerial and Non-Managerial level assignments in (i) Marketing/PR/Advertising/Sales, (ii) IT/Digital/Technical/Engineering, (iii) Creative/Design, and (iv) Business Supports (eg. HR, Accountant, Admin.) Areas.

Examples of good referral Talents include:

  • Friends, family members and acquaintances
  • Co-workers or supervisors and mentors at your current or previous jobs
  • People who have been laid off or quit their jobs
  • People you know through Social Network, Business Network and Events.
  • People who have been working for same company for long time, have been tired doing the same job, want to challenge something different and advance career.
  • Want to have relocation such as going back to their own city (U-turn) after secured a job in advance.

Examples of good referral Job Openings include:

  • Introducing the Hiring Managers (eg. CEO, General Manager, Department Head, Director etc.) Who may need assistance in their new hiring.
  • Your boss, Supervisors and Mentors who possesses decision making authority at your current or previous jobs
  • Connecting through the HR/Recruitment Department or Hiring Department who may need reliable and trustworthy Recruitment Agency.
  • Introducing highly confidential openings and also the right contacts (eg. Name, Title, Department etc.)


  • Due to the privacy policy, your name will be highly confidential unless you are fine with disclosure.
  • If it is necessary to use your name as referral, we will have you’re your authorization in advance.