Notice Board

Resume Writing Tips

Please bear in mind that the job market is always competitive. Employers always aim to hire the best talents from several dozen applicants. Selecting the professional, neat and clean resumes is the primary step to short list the best talents with whom the employer may have an interview with.
Therefore, to be one of their short-listed interviewees, you should brush up your resume if necessary. The more professional your resume looks, the higher the possibility that you may be called for an interview.

Here are some tips to write a professional and attractive resume:

  • Keep your resume updated, organized and simple
  • Try to limit your career background within 2-3 Pages (A4 size, single space, Arial or Calibri Font 10-11). If your resume is too long, sometimes the hiring manager may not have enough time to go through the details. Remember, your resume is the first step in appealing for a face to face interview with your potential employer.
  • You may have changed jobs several times. It is advisable to write the reason that you left each company. You can limit the reason within 1-2 sentences (eg. The company went bankrupt, Financial difficulty, it was a 6-month contract job or “Haken” etc.).
  • When you write your job responsibilities, it's better not to write them in a paragraph format but rather as bullet points.
  • In the bullet points, it is advisable to stick with the core responsibilities and achievements. If your performance measurement indicator is a number, it's better to mention the number. For example, your quarterly sales target was 10M yen, and your achievement was 15M (150%).
  • When you start / terminate your employment contract with your employer, you are strongly advised to mention the Month and Year (eg. Mar, 2000). This format is applicable to your educational background as well.
  • If you need any assistance with seeing some sample resumes or you want us to help you in editing/brushing up your profiles, please feel free to contact us. We will put our maximum effort in assisting you prepare a professional resume.