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Recruitment Process

Step 1

Registration: Talents who are seeking a job; please register with us or call/email us directly to make an appointment with our professional career advisors to discuss your career plan. Depending on your experience, skills and desire, our professional advisors will share with you the possible job opportunities that match your requirements.


Step 2

Job Application: After the consultation with our professional career advisors, if you decide to apply to your desired positions, please provide us with your most recently updated resumes (EN+JP). We will submit your application along with our recommendation. Our clients may take some time for application screening. We will keep you updated on your application status.


Step 3

Job Interview(s): Once you pass the resume screening step, our clients may require meeting you in person. Depending on the company, you may need to meet them 2-3 times (on average). Before the interview, we will train you (if necessary) to get ready for the interview. The entire interview process (From Application through Job Offer) may take a minimum of 1 week through a maximum of 4 weeks on average. All depends on the type of role and the company.


Step 4

Job Offer: Once you pass all the interview steps successfully, the employer will make an informal/verbal job offer for your consideration. Once you receive an informal offer, you would have an opportunity to discuss with your career advisor. If you have any concern about the offer, your career advisor will assist you in negotiating (start date, salary, etc.) with the employer to finalize the employment contract. After the negotiation, an official offer will be made to you. If you accept it, you need to sign/stamp it to become a part of the company.


Step 5

Joining the Company: Once you join the company, you may be in a probationary/trial period for some time (On an average 3-6 months); during this trial period, both you and your employer have the right to terminate the employment contract through mutual agreement. As your career advisor will be in touch with you, please feel free to discuss with your advisor before you make any big decision.

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