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Discovering Talent

A company's success or failure depends on the company's human capital. Talented human capital possesses the ability to destroy or create the future of the company. Therefore, finding the best talent is very crucial for corporate management. Here are some tips given below to identify talented human capital.

  • Visionary: Talented employees are always possesses a very specific career mission and vision. They are disciplined, proactive and have a specific career dream they are chasing after. In the interview, they will ask the interviewer(s) many logical and intellectual questions on career advancement.
  • Aware of Corporate Culture: Talented employees give a very high priority on corporate culture because this is the place where they spend most of the day. Interviewer(s) may face many questions about the corporate culture of a company.
  • History of Achievements: Talented employees strongly believe that achievements are the recognition of their work. Recognition may be monetary or non-monetary. Top-notch talents would enjoy the recognition the most. They may ask the interviewer(s) many questions about their performance appraisal tools.
  • Management Structure: It is one of the most important factors that the talented potential employee will try to know more details about the management or department structure. They may also directly or indirectly ask about the average age range of team members.
  • Passionate and Hands on: According to market surveys, most of the top-notch talents are very passionate and hands on about their career and responsibilities. They are always mentally prepared to take on new challenges and make it happen.

In order to hire the best fit for the vacancy, the management should be very careful in resume screening, interview requests and also company presentation. Based on the quality of talent, the management should decide about the first interviewer(s). It is very important that the first interviewer(s) give a good impression of the company.