Notice Board

Corporate Logo

The Logo mark and the company name carry several meanings. If we break down “Black” into alphabetic segments, it stands for the following:

B = Becoming
L = Long Term
A = Assistant
C = Client
K ( C ) = Candidate / Talent
“Black” stands for “Becoming a Long term Assistant for Client and Candidate (Talent).”

  • Pigeon [a white colour dove] is a symbol of peace and happiness.
  • The arrow mark on the top of [i] is a symbol indicating the speed of our services.
  • The circle means no boundaries or limits of Hopes and Dreams.
  • Inside the circle, we can see that, the alphabetic letter [B] is close to the bottom edge of the circle, [P] is diagonally right above the letter [B], and the white colour Pigeon (Dove) is in flying mode diagonally above the letter [P].
  • The meaning of that DIAGONAL LAYOUT [From the ground to flying state] is, we will support you from the ground (beginning) and will continue the support until you reach your destination.

Brand Colour

Our corporate brand image is “Black & White”. The reason we chose these colour is:

Black & White colour is simple and easy to find everywhere without having any difficulty. Similarly, we as a career advisor would like to be available at any time that our clients and talents may need assistance. Due to time constraints, if it is difficult for you to meet our career advisors during your office hours, we will be more than happy to make ourselves available meeting you in person during the lunch break, after office hours and sometimes over the weekend.