Notice Board

4. By Employment type

Black Pigeon possesses licenses for the following Executive Search and Recruitment services:

  • Permanent employment: This type of service is basically a long term full time employment contract where both Employer and Employee have an open ended employment agreement. In terms of job security, this is the most secure type of employment.
  • Contract employment: Contract jobs are not permanent but it does not mean the term of employment will be under a month, quarter, or year(s). This type of employment contract is fixed and sometimes renewable. The contract may be renewable based on employer’s needs. Usually, when the employer has a particular job, project or assignment that can be completed within certain period of time, they seek talents who are interested in this contract type of job.

Depending on the employer’s need, there is a possibility that a contract employee can be hired as a permanent employee. It all depends on the employer’s needs and employee’s performance.

  • Temp to Perm: This type of employment contract allows the employer and employee to check whether they are the right match for each other. Sometimes, the employer is not sure whether they are hiring the right match for their vacancy or not. In the same time, job seeker is not sure whether the employer will be the right fit for his/her requirements. In such cases, the job seeker may work as a temporary employee. After a certain period of time, the temporary contract may turn into a permanent contract depending on the employee’s performance and employer’s needs.

Even though most job seekers would give priority to looking for a full time permanent position; a temporary position may be a good alternative to be considered, where they will have a stream of little income for sometime and good performance may lead to a full time permanent position.